“The Last Escapement” by James Smythe (Mahvesh Murad)

January 20, 2015

"I want my money! I shout these words at the council who decided these things, because the money is rightfully mine, and there are not many ways that I can subsist in this world without it. Because, what else is the driver? What else moves the world in the way that we likely expect? A deal, as I seem to repeatedly have to inform gentlemen, is a deal; and these are not men of their words, despite their protestations of the opposite." -- James Smythe, "The Last Escapement"

 "The Last Escapement" first appeared in Irregularity (Jurassic London, 2014). Irregularity was published in collaboration with the National Maritime Museum as part of the "Ships, Clocks and Stars" exhibition, exploring John Harrison's timekeepers and the successful measurement of longitude at sea. 

You can read the complete story for free online, and purchase the anthology on Amazon.

James Smythe is the author of No Harm Can Come to a Good Man, Way Down Dark, The Machine and other novels and short stories, including "Black Paintings" (also available for free). 

Mahvesh Murad is the host of Midnight in Karachi and was the voice of CityFM's "Voodoo Nights" and "89 Chapters".


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